Aroma-oral care study in palliative care (part 4)

Satisfaction with the results

There were 0% negative results and/or contraindications and 100% satisfaction with the results from the staff using the hydrolats. Some comments from nurses and therapists include the following:


“We are pleased with the results from the study. Next time, we should take more time to test individual hydrolat preferences for each patient. That way we could achieve fewer rejections and be more successful. The great thing about AWM is that it is natural and less aggressive than the usual cleaning solutions used. AWM taste is specific and might not be for everyone, at least not at the beginning. Some patients need time to get used to it.”

Mojca Tuljak, Home for elderly care Logatec


“I am very pleased with the results in cases that I’ve monitored. When I talked to the patients and explained to them what we wanted to achieve, they were excited. In cases where the study was carried out by an uneducated staff member, the results were not as good. My findings are, that basic aromatherapy knowledge is necessary for better results. I will continue to use AWM for hydrating mouth mucosa in my work as well as in private life.”

Darja Noc, General Hospital Jesenice


“Due to our success with AWM, we started using Helichrysum italicum (everlasting) hydrolat for skin care in our Center and have amazing results. Our staff, patients and patients caregivers are thrilled with the positive results. We will continue using hydrolats in our work and studies.”

Petra Jenko, Home for elderly care DEOS, Center starejsih Crnuce


An overall summary of the results of all 24 case studies is presented in Table 2.

For a clearer insight of how case studies were managed, a few examples are presented bellow.

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Melani Kovač
aromatherapist, educator

Andreja Stefan Bukovic, Ana Simenc, Darja Noc, Maja Krzisnik, Mojca Tuljak and Petra Jenko for their research and cooperation with this study. Stjepko Curin (PTO Curin), Jana Bergant (Histria Botanica) for donating hydrolats and Petra Sedej (Aromazen) for donating spray bottles. Maja Pecenic for her advice in the writing of this article.

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